©1998 Larsen

Many people say there is no problem with Social Security. They state it is running a surplus and will be for the next ten to twelve years. Afterwards, Social Security will need to redeem United States Treasury Notes it purchased in the past to pay benefits. After about twenty years, the Treasury notes will be gone, but Social Security will be able to pay 75% of benefits.

In a lot of ways these people sound a lot like the people who said the Titanic could not sink. Who would book passage on the Titanic knowing it had two good days of floatation before running into trouble and then could provide life boats for 50% of the passengers?

What is the difference between these two history making events? Unlike Social Security, those booking passage on the Titanic did not know they would run into trouble. For those wanting to preserve Social Security, there must be more than words. There must be a plan. Where is yours? For those wishing to jump ship, we need to let congress know our position!