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Sylvia Smith reported in the Journal Gazette on 3-29-2006 there would be
no debate. The reasons Souder gave are:

  • He debated in 2002 because Helmke “knew what he was talking about.”

  • Debates in primaries are “usually just a sniping session.”

  • Larsen “is not a serious contender” and that they agree on a lot of issues.

  • I don’t need to stand up and hear, ‘We need to get rid of Social Security’ 18 million times,”

I really would like to debate the issues, but Souder will not. Who would you rather have resolve the Social Security mess, Souder who wants you to save more and have it means tested after he is dead, or myself – William Larsen who not only recognizes the problem, but understands it and has a plan? I ask you to compare my issues with that of Souder's.

  • Who do you trust to come up with an energy policy that works, an engineer who has dealt with numerous types of energy or a politician?

  • Who do you want doing tax reform? I do my own taxes.

  • Who do you want coming up with pension and 401K reform? I have worked for companies who have pensions and 401K and two of them filed for bankruptcy. We need pension and 401K reform.

  • I have had to deal with companies that constantly increase health insurance premiums and co pays. Do politicians really understand our health care problems?

  • The budget deficit in March 2006 was reported at $85.5 Billion and this includes Social Security and Medicare revenues. Souder voted for the Rx Drug program that now is reported to cost up to $1 Trillion in the first ten years!!! It is not right to borrow money, reap the benefits and give the bill to our children. It is immoral and un-American.

News Sentinel Candidate Larsen raises an issue incumbent office holders don't want to touch.

"Larsen is by no means a single-issue candidate. When he moves away from Social Security, he sounds very much like a typical conservative Republican: Keep defense strong and government intrusion minimal, define marriage as between one woman and one man, enact school vouchers and keep our personal freedoms intact.

But on this one issue, he is an expert." By Leo Morris for the editorial board

Social Security: What Went Wrong? Use to explain in simple terms using charts what the problem is. Reference links to data and back up material is provided.

New PDF format files to share with family, friends and co-workers. Easy to read with references to government web sites. I call it Social Security 101, the Basics.

We are all in this boat together.

Actually, it's today's retirees who are sitting on the deck with mint juleps in hand, while the boomers and X'ers are below in the galley rowing like slaves to the command of "stroke, stroke, stroke." Seniors would like the galley slaves to continue to believe the hoax that one day they too will have the opportunity to sit on the deck with their feet propped up. Only problem is, when it's finally the galley slaves turn on the deck, the ship will long since have sunk. The slaves are just now realizing the cruel hoax perpetrated upon them, and are about to ban together to stop the ship dead in the water and use their oars as clubs. Written by Karl A Sweetman 10/25/98

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Bill Larsen's SOCIAL SECURITY Analysis

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Draft of presentation of 30 minute TV presentation

A must read to understand the Social Security options.

Myths: The Political Tool of Choice

A must read to understand the Social Security options. What politicians do not want you to know.

At you can see the testimony of A. J. Altmeyer, Chairman, Social Security Board, before the House Ways and Means Committee on Nov. 27, 1944:

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Newspaper Coverage

Government Links Social Security revenue, expense trust fund, IRS Revenues, Government Expenditures, Period Life Tables and more

The consequence of deficit spending. What is a manageable deficit as a percent of GDP? It may surprise you.

Actual comments made by seniors

STOCHASTIC PROJECTIONS "Cash flow projections and the errors involved."

In 1983 Congress made changes to Social Security. Did you know COLA's cease and Social Security benefits are cut when the trust fund falls below 20% of that years expenses?

How does reducing Cost of Living Allowances each year effect Social Security? Per legislation in 1983, Congress eliminates COLA when the trust fund balance falls below 20% of that years projected expenses.

Voters Guide to May Primary 2002

Charicture of Candidates......Cartoon

April 8, 2002 NBC-33 Debate Poll Results

My plan for Social Security. My children are important to me. Are yours important to you?

The truth behind the Worker to Retiree Ratio.

The required tax rate for a pay-as-go Old Age Program

Why do we continue to revisit the Social Security Problem? Historical growth rates in Social Security Revenues, Payments and tax rates.

Raising the retirement age and its effect on Social Security Benefits

How long will your assets last? Try this link and see if you have enough?

How much do I need to save to reach my goal?

Are you a donor? Paul Helmke (x-mayor of Fort Wayne) used the term donor to refer to states which sent more tax money to Washington than they received back. The same can be said of Social Security and the year you were born.

EXTRA-EXTRA read all about it "Social Security Administration warns it cannot pay full benefits!!!

Do you like paying Social Security Taxes?

Would you like to privatize Social Security?

Would you like to be responsible for your own retirement?

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"I sit on a man's back, choking him and making him carry me,

and yet assure myself and others that I am very sorry for him and wish to ease his lot by all possible means

-- except by getting off his back."-- Leo Tolstoy

How would you like to have great returns like these? If you were born after 1944, forget it!

Your rate of return on your Contributions

Wage Growth and its Effect

The Ant and the Grasshopper

Definition of Pyramid Scheme

Proposals of others and how they stack up

Gore's plan

Bush's plan

Current - No Changes

Kasich's Proposal

Kasich's Social Security Plan


Bush's 2% private account, what would it amount to in dollars and as an annuity?

Al Gore's Plan to Save Social Security

Unfunded liability cost per person by age ... Graph

Required OASI funds to be fully funded based on age of worker..... Graph

The Analysis Section

The Reference Material Section

Plenty of Myths

Odds & Ends

Finance Section

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Why Social Security can not be saved with increased economic growth!

The Social Security Lottery

Who Does Social Security Benefit?

A great article by Frank Redmond, THE PRICE OF FREE CORN

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